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Enhanced Perception or Psychic Ability?

by Robert McEntee on December 1, 2012

“Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world.”  Robert Hunter

Through work as a mentalist, I have realized that our conscious awareness extends to only a fraction of the stimuli registered by our brains, like a light shining on a tiny portion of vast data. Experiments show that we often act on unconscious information without being aware of it, or just prior to conscious awareness. It is this unconscious awareness that leads some to perhaps give more credit to whatever “6th sense” we have, than it deserves.

Undoubtedly we have a sense of intuition or some measure of psychic ability, however the evidence points to “psychics” often obtaining information without conscious awareness. This can lead both “reader” and “sitter” to genuinely believe in the seer’s ability. Not to discount prevalent use of outright trickery, or conversely, seemingly genuine precognition and similar mental phenomenon…

This includes numerous dreams and visions people have had to not get on a plane before it crashed, or others waking up in horror knowing a loved one has just been in an accident. Even though many shared their fears with others prior to the accident, we don’t hear about the numerous “false alerts”, hence the difficulty in drawing conclusions on actual human psychic ability. Still the possibility is exciting!

The truth appears to be somewhere in the middle between skeptics claims that NO psychic ability is possible, to so called “mediums” claims of speaking to the dead, almost all of which has been debunked throughout history. Houdini largely gave up his career to disprove those ripping of the grieving in his day. For many years, the James Randi Educational Foundation has offered a million dollar prize to anyone who can prove genuine psychic ability under test conditions. No one has even gotten past the first part of the test!

Nevertheless we can gain much by understanding how we do perceive the world. To avoid overwhelm our senses have to filter out the majority of stimuli we see, hear, touch, taste and/or feel. Our bodies have the ability to adjust desires and change senses according to need, without conscious knowledge. For example, peanut butter may not smell good to you, but when hungry, particularly when your body has a need for protein and magnesium, peanut butter may suddenly smell great! Similarly a pregnant woman craves things which may benefit the pre-born child.

Our five senses can actually be broken down to many more. We have different touch receptors for pressure, for heat and cold, another for texture and vibration, and that’s just one sense. Try bringing your awareness to one foot and you will notice it feels things you didn’t even notice until you put awareness there. We don’t even begin to notice the endless colors in nature, even though our wondrous eyes perceive the shades and hues, the information is typically deemed less relevant by the brain, and filtered out before true perception occurs.

Marines and “special forces” are trained to always be aware and consciously perceive more of their surroundings. This prepares them to more efficiently act when the unexpected arises. Although we are typically not in such dangerous situations, there are numerous benefits to maximizing our senses, deliberately at first until heightened awareness is our default behavior. Food for example has more taste when you focus on it, and they say we eat less that way too. 

Simply focusing on your body and the five senses, limits “head knowledge” and brings present moment awareness which in itself lessons worry about past and future. The enhanced information contributes to improved intuition since our information data bank increases.

Once you train yourself to focus more on sense perception and overall awareness, it’s fun to see how much more intuitive you are as well. You may find that you are better able to guess who is calling before you answer (without looking at caller id!) or how someone will react to a particular situation etc. Do your own experiments relating to “universal intelligence” such as focusing on someone who is facing away from you, just to see if they notice.

After spending time obtaining available conscious knowledge, then it’s time to relax and let the subconscious mind condense information and create connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. These can be right brain picture images, requiring probing beneath the surface to find hidden meanings.

Some people find these breakthroughs in dreams, leading to such inventions as the sewing machine for just one example. Of course you may have the common experience of either not remembering dreams or mainly having very jumbled dreams. Nevertheless, most still benefit by pausing from prolonged conscious mental problem solving or decision making. This allows brain waves to slow with closed eyes, and “image streaming”, a method Einstein seemed to favor. After working on the mathematics of relativity but not solving the problem, he reportedly relaxed and pictured himself riding a light beam, leading to his realizing the solution to his scientific puzzle!

This is similar to a musician practicing with his mind but playing with his heart. An actor goes through extensive sense memory exercises in rehearsal but learns to “forget it all” when an actual performance starts. This whole brain learning can greatly improve whatever pursuits you are engaged in. I read your mind, and you do want to realize more of your potential in at least one specific area!  The techniques are here, so grant yourself permission to DO so, starting NOW!

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