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Now YOU Can Understand The Universe!

by Robert McEntee on June 24, 2010

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand in rapt awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.” Albert Einstein

Weird! Is about all you can say after gaining a basic understanding of quantum physics.

And you can do so without understanding complex mathematics, etc.  It certainly reminds one that things aren’t always as they seem, and the world is a truly magical place. I’ll try to just summarize a bit of the strange phenomena here as I believe understanding how some of the unseen universe actually works is instructive in realizing our potential in it.

Some of these experiments scientifically prove that mere measuring or observing affects outcomes!  Therefore what religion and mystical traditions have been saying for ages is now verified under laboratory test conditions.  That is, the bio-electric energy humans generate does indeed influence surrounding conditions.

Simply, relativity means the laws of physics remain constant no matter one’s perspective, as long as in uniform motion, that is constant speed and direction. For example the speed of light remains constant even if you’re traveling relative to it while measuring the velocity. As a result of this basic law of relativity that Einstein taught us much about, bizarre things happen to space and time to maintain constancy.

Much of this is counter-intuitive and you may wonder the relevance to you and everyday life. That’s because quantum effects can’t be measured until you get to the very small or minuscule time differences. However we are made up of these subatomic particles upon which these seemingly supernatural processes are so dramatic, so logically the implications affect you as well.

Here are some of the quirky truths. Solid objects are hardly solid! In fact when analyzing smaller and smaller components of the atom, it is really energy of pure intelligence.  Einstein’s famous equation related energy to mass by a function of the speed of light.

Length compression has been discovered, where objects such as a measuring stick become slightly smaller or shorter when accelerated, particularly towards the speed of light. Time goes slower when one moves very fast, a concept known as time dilation. Results of such experiments have been verified in high tech laboratories and necessarily accounted for by NASA, etc.

What this means is that when space travel becomes sufficiently advanced, one will be able to grow younger by moving very fast! This is not something that causes clocks to run slow but slows actual processes down. Mind boggling, I know, yet true. Yesterday’s science fiction has indeed become today’s science fact. Since boggling minds is my profession, allow me to proceed…

Two subatomic particles are spinning in the same direction. They separate them and perhaps even shield one from “seeing” the other.  In the lab they are able to manipulate the spin of just one, and instantly the other changes direction as well, as if it knows, phenomena known as entanglement. Einstein called this “spooky action at a distance”.

This leads to all sorts of implications that perhaps people can have “entangled minds” as well.  If so, this could explain the frequent accounts of a mother knowing exactly when her child has been in an accident and the like. Don’t misread me, I am a great skeptic for much of what is claimed to be “psychic”, yet when experiments prove that subatomic particles behave differently depending on whether they are being watched or not, my mind is open to this idea of sympathetic knowledge.

To further elaborate, light can be either a wave or a particle depending on observation.  Scientists conduct what’s known as the double slit experiment and what should be clear outcomes become probability. This again bothered Einstein leading to his widely paraphrased quote, “God does not play dice with the universe.”

One theory is the parallel world theory, which says BOTH outcomes of a probabilistic event actually occur.  Once the “wave function collapses” to use proper terminology, we only see one outcome in our universe and the other is displayed in another world! This sci-fi like scenario is subscribed to by one school of scientific thought, since explaining anything that defies logic does require creative thinking…

Rapid progress is being made in these areas and while currently there are as many questions as there are answers, advances in quantum physics is beginning to completely transform “common knowledge”. Quantum computers are on the horizon which will make today’s fast computers obsolete.

Since simply observing an experiment can affect it’s outcome, it seems elementary that our own thoughts can have a positive or negative effect on our own lives and perhaps more.  And that’s just it, the further matter is broken down and analyzed, the more we realize it consists of pure intelligence.  Therefore placing our minds in “positive vibration” would seem to increase alignment with positive forces in the universe.

Superposition is another unexplainable piece of natural magic. An electron orbiting the atom can instantly be in another orbit, with literally no time differential to get from one place to the other!

In my presentation of  “Miracle of the Mind!” (  I relate the implications of these Physics concepts to the world we experience or create for ourselves. It’s interesting to discover what your mind is capable of and how you can actually apply it!

Like the electron, we too can go from “no where” to “Now here”.  Keep your eyes open to the everyday magic all around you, and accept that this wonderful world has been carefully designed for you to render positive outcomes!

Without writing a book in itself on these advanced principles,  I believe you can benefit, if not at least be thoroughly amazed, by a few sources that give further explanation of these fantastic real world processes.  Be prepared for the increased rate of understanding and harnessing of results.  This will soon become more relevant to common technology, and perhaps the very role our minds play through “entanglement” with the universe,  as more scientists now attest is undeniable.

Quantum Physics:

The Dancing Wuli Masters (Gary Zukav)

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Down the Rabbit Hole/What the Bleep Do We Know (Marlee Matlin) (I find particularly one of the presenter’s logic flawed in her attempt to disprove God, while other experiments point to the very existence of God. On a whole these videos offer a wealth of information, including specific examples proving the power of belief, or for that matter, mere observation! After watching these and perhaps reading Zukav’s work, most any layperson will have a good basic understanding of Quantum Physics and actually enjoy the process. Very interesting!)

A Brief History of Time (Steven Hawking)

The Stuart Wilde Gift Collection (Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle, Intuition, Miracles) Covers a variety of topics including some quantum physics concepts