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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!

by Robert McEntee on June 24, 2010

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts for you will never go any higher than what you think.” Benjamin Disraeli

At some point everyone learns that their thoughts affect outcomes. I first recall experiencing this playing baseball as a kid. It sure seemed like my thoughts like, “hit the ball to me, I’m ready to make a play!” positively influenced the chances of me successfully fielding the ball. Similarly letting my confidence lapse and wishing the ball away from me, more often than not, resulted in a mishandling of the ball I could have fielded.

You probably know people for whom nearly everything seems to go well, or the opposite, those with constant bad luck. I began to wonder how random this was or if there were processes contributing to the success or failure. Logically this process would have to be unconscious in the case of the frequent failure, unless they were the strange individuals who liked to fail, perhaps to prove a preconceived belief as discussed earlier.

As I explored various philosophies, continued my direct observation and read biographies of successful individuals in a wide variety if fields, I noticed a commonality. Nearly all schools of thought have a version of the idea that we can’t always change circumstances, but we can change ourselves. Our positive thoughts may indeed influence circumstances and better prepare us to handle negative situations that arise even for the most fortunate.

In other words, you need a set of tools to increase your competence in the game of life. This is what is known as personal development, self help/motivation or “being the best you you can be.” It is a shame these real success secrets aren’t more emphasized in school. So you need to school yourself, and shortly I will present you with a list of what’s contributed in some small way to my own success.

Since my goal every time I write is to give is to give you one extremely valuable tool you can begin to use right away, I will do that now. Like most powerful concepts, many often overlook its simplicity, so get ready!…

Control your mental chatter! You need to monitor what goes on in your command center and filter out the junk. This can be daunting since thought patterns become deeply ingrained. So start in one particular area, for example, a bad habit like tending to be late for appointments. When this happens, you probably scold yourself by mentally speaking “You idiot you’re always late, look what a mess you’ve caused”.

The key is, as soon as you notice that, change the channel to use a radio analogy. Even thought it’s not true yet, ACT AS IF you are a timely person by saying things like: “Every day now I am on time. I am always punctual because I allow myself plenty of time to prepare.” Now silence the critic voice that says that’s not true.

You must repeat such affirmations frequently and for some duration, since studies show it takes approximately 28 days to change a habit. It will take time for new grooves to be established and the mind to act on the new belief. Once you begin to consciously feed your mind positive thoughts instead of dwelling on or responding to constant external garbage, you are becoming your own pilot. And time is fun when you’re flying!

The following covers a wide variety of topics so there’s bound to be something helpful for whatever improvement you desire!

“Who supplies another with a constructive thought has enriched him forever.” Alfred A. Montafert Writer

Miscellaneous Personal Development & Achievement:

The Peaceful Warrior’s Path to Everyday Enlightenment (Dan Millman)

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Unlimited Energy (Peter McLoughlin)

Creating A Powerful Presence (Bert Decker)

The Brand Called You (Peter Montoya)

The Art of Exceptional Living (Jim Rohn, along with related works)

Action Strategies for Personal Achievement (Brian Tracy)

What Color is Your Parachute (Richard Bolles)

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (Richard Carlson, Ph.D.)

Taming your Gremlin (Richard Carson, a different author than previous)

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The Artists Way (Julie Cameron)

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Inner Peace for Busy People (Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.)

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