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Learning to Fly!

by Robert McEntee on April 1, 2020

While confined at him during Corona Virus (like many of you!) and trying to be creative with my time, I got to thinking about one of the most difficult illusions for magicians to make realistic, self levitation. Only D Copperfield and C Angel have really made this look beautiful with elaborate theater riggings…

I spent a few days looking into simpler methods (and MUCH less expensive!), trying to see if could add to any… The video below shows 5 different methods/attempts at self levitation. I dont expect these to amaze you, but perhaps amuse or better yet, inspire you?!

I believe as bad as conditions presently are worldwide, in a way it’s unifying society and even the world, because everyone is equal to this virus! Now is a rare opportunity to create something new. I say opportunity as it may never come again. Hopefully, at least not in the form of a pandemic!

For those that aren’t sick, and have down time from work, NOW is the time to do what you’ve always wanted to do. (Besides that house project you’ve always wanted to get done) If you dont know what, child hood dreams are a good place to start…

On the other side of this, things will be different. Many business will never be the same, however that’s what drives NEW creations. In earlier times us humans had to adapt to rapidly changing environmental conditions. We’ve been spoiled.

They say necessity is the mother of all invention. And now we really have the necessity.

God bless all.

Self Levitation Video. Magical Motivation by Long Island Magician, NY, NJ, CT. Corona Virus Magic.


PS Thanks and RIP Tom Petty for another great song